Avril 14 by Aphex Twin

Tranquilo. Paisible. Gefasst. Vindstilla.

It’s a word (unlike some) that is translatable across many languages. Oddly enough, it’s mostly defined in terms of absences, of lacking: free of extreme emotion, lacking anxiety.

To me, someone who has struggled with a lot of worry over the course of my life, it seems like calm should exist in its own right, a solid word unfettered by pesky, negative prefixes.

When I need to be calm, this song is the first place that I go. Its soft piano and steady tempo demand nothing of me, unlike most of the heart-wrenching alternative rock that had my iPhone so full with content that I can’t even take a picture on it anymore.

A challenge to anyone reading: listen with earphones and eyes closed. Listen the whole way through and don’t let anything interrupt you? (Side note: can we do that with anything anymore? Just experience it without letting a thousand other worries enter our minds?)

Let’s try.


This is why I’m writing

I’ve been a storyteller ever since I can remember. I guess this tendency has taken a lot of different forms over the years– for a while I was convinced that I was going to be on Broadway. Then it was playwriting, when I realized I was neither good enough nor motivated enough to actual pursue a career in theatre.

Then, I forgot about structuring my life around telling stories, but kept a diary the whole time. And wrote short stories the whole time. And tried to translate experience to paper (or Word, or the back of a hand) the whole time.

This blog is titled “This Majestical Roof,” a quote from one of Hamlet’s soliloquies. In his speech, he goes on the rant against how the world, although it seems magnificent, is just a rotten shell. I beg to differ– with another Shakespearean quote. “O brave new world, with such people in it!” I am astounded by the beauty, generosity, and acute emotion of the human race, and of the planet that we live on. The best way I know how to communicate this is to write and to share.

I write because it helps put words to feelings. I write because I think it’s important to put something positive in the world. I write because there’s nothing else for me to do.

I share because there exists this possibility that it can touch someone, somewhere on this pale blue dot we call home.